Friday, August 9, 2013

Writing to me is about my audience. Occasionally I visit a page where someone has listed themselves as an Author who hasn't even written a short story. Authors to me perform a service. We entertain. We make you laugh and cry and piss you off and swoon and arouse you and thrill you and  take you to that beautiful edge and let you go. So in the spirit of this belief I have created a fb page and a blog to do just that. For you. With you. I promise that I will not try to sell you anything or bounce up and down screaming "Look at me Look at me" or tell you constantly how awesome I am. I will show you. haha. I promise that you will see and read and experience things on these two pages that will only be directed to these two pages. You will not be subjected to endless excerpts of already published work. You will be lavished with wonderful little pieces of fiction so that when the larger works of mine are in print you will be ready to gobble them up. (story) teller will become my official page for work. I promise to create some kind of schedule for posting so that you can anticipate my stories arriving out in the world. And I truly promise you that I have no idea where this journey goes but I am thrilled to share it with you. And anyone you share it with.

Welcome to my world.


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