Friday, August 30, 2013

Two pieces of fiction up for the weekend. For your reading pleasure. "Abandon" was originally published in print in The MacGuffin literary journal in the Winter 2007 Edition Vol. XXIII No. 2.

Welcome to my world.

by Lis Anna

Frost comes to the window
but I am warm, naked,
in the middle of a great room with windows all around.
No curtains, only shadows cast against white walls.
No furniture.
Just one long hallway that leads to a bed.
I am there.
Outside the trees are turning into old women,
reaching with dying fingers
into a darkness that comes earlier, stays later.
So we make love long into the night.
When he is not with me my lover is on the phone.
As he showers I slip into his closet,
running my fingertips down the rows of perfectly crisp
hand tailored shirts from Hong Kong.
He catches me, laughs,
says I am nosey and should be spanked.
He has no idea.
Pulling a shirt from the plastic covering he slides it over my bare arms.
 I wear his clothes more and more.
I do not know what it means.
It means I belong to him.
His skin smells of expensive cologne,
imported cigarettes, saffron, sandlewood, surrender.
Sometimes, late, drinking tequila, sucking limes,
I lay in his arms spinning into dawn.
He says, “I don’t know your last name, have never known it.”
Then he laughs when I am silent.
He begs, pleads, shivers.
He is like the moon.
Still I refuse.
In the mornings I sleep buried in the scent of  pillow talk.
Later, wrapped in a long velvet coat I descend the fire escape.
My teeth chatter but my body is warm.
 He begs me to accept gloves, scarf, hat but I won’t.
The chill does not penetrate his breath deep in the curves of my neck.
A heavy sun rises over the avenues of asphalt
but  still I only know the tremble,
the abandon,
the scent of me rising from his season, hungry.

Copyright 2007 Lis Anna

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